3D AnimationPost – GraduateJanuary, September
3D Animation and Character DesignPost – GraduateSeptember
3D Animation for Film and Games DiplomaDiplomaSeptember
3D Computer GraphicsAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
3D Modelling and Visual Effects ProductionCertificateJanuary, September
Acting for Camera and VoiceDiplomaJanuary, September
Acting for Film and TelevisionDiplomaSeptember
Acting for Media ProgramDiplomaJanuary, September
Advanced FilmmakingPost – GraduateSeptember
Advanced Filmmaking (graduate certificate)Post – GraduateSeptember
Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and PropsPost – GraduateSeptember
Advanced Television and FilmPost – GraduateSeptember
Advanced Television And Film – Script To ScreenPost – GraduateSeptember
Advertising – Account ManagementPost – GraduateSeptember
Advertising – Account ManagementPost – GraduateSeptember
Advertising – Art DirectionPost – GraduateSeptember
Advertising – Creative & Digital StrategyPost – GraduateSeptember
Advertising – Digital Media Management (graduate certificate)Post – GraduateSeptember
Advertising – Media ManagementPost – GraduateSeptember
Advertising & Graphic DesignDiplomaJanuary, September
Advertising & Marketing Communications – Creative DesignDiplomaJanuary
Advertising and Marketing CommunicationsDiplomaSeptember
Advertising And Marketing Communications ManagementAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Advertising CopywritingPost – GraduateSeptember
AnimationAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Animation – 3DDiplomaJanuary, September
Animation – 3DAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Animation – Digital ProductionAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Animation & Game Development – Interactive Media DevelopmentAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Apparel Technical DesignPost – GraduateSeptember
Applied Museum StudiesAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Art and Design FoundationCertificateSeptember
Art and Design Foundation ProgramCertificateJanuary, September
Art and Design FundamentalsCertificateSeptember
Art FoundationCertificateSeptember
Art FundamentalsCertificateJanuary, May, September
Arts and Science – University TransferDiplomaJanuary, September
Audio Post-ProductionPost – GraduateSeptember
Bachelor of Communication & Media, Design and Advertising Studies (Honours)Bachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Bachelor of Design (Honours)Bachelor DegreeSeptember
Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)Bachelor DegreeJanuary, September
Bachelor of JournalismBachelor DegreeSeptember
Broadcast – RadioDiplomaSeptember
Broadcast Journalism – Television NewsPost – GraduateSeptember
Broadcast Television/VideographyDiplomaJanuary, September
Broadcasting – Film ProductionAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Broadcasting – RadioDiplomaSeptember
Broadcasting – Radio (For Applicants Currently Attending York University)DiplomaSeptember
Broadcasting – Radio and Contemporary MediaDiplomaSeptember
Broadcasting – Radio and Television PresentationAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Broadcasting – Radio, Television, Film & Digital MediaAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Broadcasting – TelevisionDiplomaSeptember
Broadcasting – Television (For Applicants Currently Attending York University)DiplomaJanuary, September
Broadcasting – Television and Film ProductionDiplomaSeptember
Broadcasting – Television and Independent ProductionDiplomaSeptember
Broadcasting – Television ProductionAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Broadcasting Performance and Digital MediaPost – GraduateSeptember
Certificate in Media, Art, & PerformanceCertificateJanuary, May, September
Certificate in Visual ArtsCertificateJanuary, May, September
Children’s MediaPost – GraduateSeptember
Civil/Structural Technician CertificateCertificateSeptember
Commercial Dance ProgramCertificateSeptember
Commun­ication, Media and FilmBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Communications – Professional WritingPost – GraduateSeptember
Communications And Media FundamentalsCertificateMay, September
Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) Technician DiplomaDiplomaSeptember
Computer AnimationPost – GraduateJanuary, September
Concept Art for Entertainment programPost – GraduateSeptember
Contemporary JournalismPost – GraduateSeptember
Contemporary Web DesignDiplomaJanuary, September
Content StrategyPost – GraduateJanuary, September
Cosmetic Techniques and ManagementDiplomaJanuary, September
Cosmetology DiplomaDiplomaJanuary, May, September
Costume ProductionPost – GraduateSeptember
Creative AdvertisingBachelor DegreeSeptember
Creative CommunicationsDiplomaSeptember
Creative TechnologiesBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Dance DiplomaDiplomaSeptember
Dance Performance Preparation ProgramCertificateSeptember
Dance Performance ProgramDiplomaSeptember
DesignBachelor DegreeSeptember
Design and Visual ArtsDiplomaSeptember
Design FoundationsPost – GraduateSeptember
Design FoundationsCertificateJanuary, September
Design Management ProgramPost – GraduateSeptember
Design StudiesCertificateSeptember
Digital and Content MarketingPost Graduate CertificateJanuary, May, September
Digital Communication ManagementPost – GraduateJanuary, September
Digital CommunicationsBachelor DegreeSeptember
Digital Design – Game Design ProgramPost – GraduateSeptember
Digital Film ProductionDiplomaSeptember
Digital Media & Journalism(BA)Bachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Digital Media DesignDiplomaSeptember
Digital Media ProductionDiplomaSeptember
Digital Visual EffectsDiplomaSeptember
Documentary and Non-Fiction Media ProductionPost – GraduateSeptember
EnglishMaster DegreeMay, September
EstheticianDiplomaJanuary, September
Esthetics and Spa TherapiesAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Event and Media ProductionDiplomaSeptember
Event Management – Event and Exhibit DesignPost – GraduateSeptember
Fashion ArtsAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Fashion BusinessDiplomaSeptember
Fashion Business Industry ProgramDiplomaSeptember
Fashion Business ManagementAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Fashion Design & Production DiplomaDiplomaSeptember
Fashion Design & TechnologyBachelor DegreeSeptember
Fashion Design (Co-op)Advanced DiplomaSeptember
Fashion ManagementDiplomaJanuary, September
Fashion MarketingDiplomaSeptember
Fashion StudiesCertificateSeptember
Fashion Techniques and Design ProgramDiplomaJanuary, September
Film & Television Production – Interactive Media DevelopmentAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Film and Media ProductionBachelor DegreeSeptember
Film and Multiplatform StorytellingPost – GraduateSeptember
Film and Television ProductionAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Film ProductionDiplomaSeptember
Film ProductionBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Film StudiesBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Film Studies(BA)Bachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Fine Art FoundationCertificateSeptember
Fine ArtsDiplomaSeptember
Fine ArtsBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Fine ArtsCertificateJanuary, May, September
Fine Arts AdvancedAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Floral DesignCertificateSeptember
Foundations in Art and DesignCertificateJanuary, September
Foundations in DesignCertificateSeptember
Game – ArtDiplomaSeptember
Game – Art ProgramAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Game – DesignDiplomaSeptember
Game – DesignAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Game – DevelopmentAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Game ArtDiplomaSeptember
Game Art and AnimationPost – GraduateJanuary, September
Game Design & Development(BFAA)Bachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Game DevelopmentAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Game Development – Advanced ProgrammingPost – GraduateSeptember
Game Level DesignPost – GraduateSeptember
Game ProgrammingAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Gemmology ProgramCertificateSeptember
Geographic Information Systems – Cartographic SpecialistPost – GraduateSeptember
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Co-op)Post – GraduateSeptember
GIS and Urban Planning (Co-op)DiplomaSeptember
Global Media, Design and Advertising & CommunicationBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Goldsmithing and SilversmithingPost – GraduateSeptember
Graphic DesignAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Graphic DesignDiplomaSeptember
Graphic Design – AdvancedAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Graphic Design – Digital MediaAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Graphic Design – Visual CommunicationAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Graphic Design DiplomaDiplomaJanuary, September
Graphic Design Diploma – Advanced EntranceDiplomaJanuary, September
Graphic Design for MarketingBachelor DegreeSeptember
Graphic Design for Print and WebCertificateJanuary, September
Graphic Design ProductionDiplomaSeptember
Graphic Design ProgramAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Hair StylistDiplomaJanuary, September
HairstylingDiplomaJanuary, September
HairstylistCertificateAugust, January
Hairstylist CertificateCertificateJanuary, May, September
Honours Bachelor of AnimationBachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Furniture)Bachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Glass)Bachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Industrial Design)Bachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Textiles)Bachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Digital Experience DesignBachelor DegreeJanuary, September
Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design and Planning (Co-op)Bachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Film and TelevisionBachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Game DesignBachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of IllustrationBachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Interaction DesignBachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Interior DesignBachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Interior Design (Co-op)Bachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre PerformanceBachelor DegreeSeptember
Honours Bachelor of PhotographyBachelor DegreeSeptember
Horticulture TechnicianDiplomaSeptember
Illustration and Concept ArtDiplomaSeptember
Independent IllustrationDiplomaJanuary, September
Independent Music ProductionCertificateJanuary, May, September
Independent Songwriting and PerformanceCertificateSeptember
Indian Fine ArtsBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Integrated DesignDiplomaSeptember
Interaction Design programAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Interactive Media DesignDiplomaSeptember
Interactive Media DevelopmentAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Interactive Media Development – 3D VisualizationAdvanced DiplomaJanuary, September
Interactive Media ManagementPost – GraduateJanuary, September
Interactive Media Management – Interaction DesignPost – GraduateSeptember
Interactive Media Management ProgramPost – GraduateSeptember
Interactive Media SpecialistPost – GraduateSeptember
Interactive MultiMedia, Design and Advertising & DesignBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Interactive Systems DesignBachelor DegreeJanuary, July, May, September
Interdisciplinary Design StrategyPost – GraduateSeptember
Interdisciplinary Studies in Human-Centred DesignPost – GraduateSeptember
Interior DecoratingDiplomaSeptember
Interior Decorating (Co-op)DiplomaSeptember
Interior DesignBachelor DegreeSeptember
Interior Design BA (Hons)Bachelor DegreeSeptember
Interior Design TechnologyDiplomaJanuary, September
International Fashion ManagementPost – GraduateSeptember
Jewellery and MetalsDiplomaSeptember
Jewellery Art and Design DiplomaDiplomaSeptember
Jewellery Arts ProgramAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Jewellery Essentials ProgramCertificateSeptember
Jewellery Methods ProgramDiplomaSeptember
JournalismAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
JournalismBachelor DegreeSeptember
Journalism – BroadcastDiplomaSeptember
Journalism – Mass MediaDiplomaSeptember
Journalism – New MediaPost – GraduateSeptember
Journalism (Graduate Certificate)Post – GraduateSeptember
Journalism and Creative WritingBachelor DegreeSeptember
Kitchen and Bath DesignPost – GraduateSeptember
Landscape Design (Co-op)Advanced DiplomaSeptember
Lifestyle MediaPost – GraduateSeptember
Makeup for Media and Creative ArtsDiplomaJanuary, September
Media and Communication StudiesBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Media Arts FundamentalsCertificateSeptember
Media CommunicationsDiplomaJanuary, September
Media FoundationCertificateSeptember
Media Foundation programCertificateJanuary, September
Media FoundationsPost – GraduateSeptember
Media FundamentalsCertificateJanuary, September
Media StudiesBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Media, Design and Advertising Production & DesignBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Media, Film and CommunicationsBachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Media,Art,& Performance(unsure of major)Bachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
Mobile Application DevelopmentPost – GraduateMay
Mobile Applications DesignPost Graduate CertificateSeptember
Multimedia Design and DevelopmentDiplomaSeptember
Museum and Gallery StudiesPost – GraduateSeptember
MusicBachelor DegreeSeptember
Music – Bachelor of Applied MusicBachelor DegreeSeptember
Music – DiplomaDiplomaSeptember
Music & Digital MediaDiplomaSeptember
Music Industry ArtsDiplomaSeptember
Music Theatre – PerformanceAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Outdoor AdventureDiplomaSeptember
Outdoor Adventure NaturalistDiplomaSeptember
Performing ArtsCertificateSeptember
Performing Arts – PreparationCertificateSeptember
Photography AdvancedPost – GraduateSeptember
Post-ProductionPost – GraduateSeptember
Pre-MediaCertificateJanuary, September
Pre-Media (Media and Communications Fundamentals)CertificateJanuary, September
Product & Furniture Design BA (Hons)Bachelor DegreeSeptember
Product DesignBachelor DegreeSeptember
Product Design And DevelopmentAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Professional WritingDiplomaSeptember
Project ManagementPost – GraduateMay, September
Public RelationsDiplomaJanuary, September
Public RelationsAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Public RelationsBachelor DegreeSeptember
Public RelationsPost – GraduateJanuary, September
Public Relations – Corporate CommunicationsPost – GraduateJanuary, September
Publishing – Book, Magazine And ElectronicCertificateSeptember
Radio and Media ProductionPost – GraduateSeptember
Recreation and Leisure ServicesDiplomaSeptember
Screenwriting and Narrative DesignPost – GraduateSeptember
ScriptwritingPost – GraduateSeptember
Sound Design and ProductionPost – GraduateSeptember
Spa & Wellness Operations ManagementPost – GraduateSeptember
Sports JournalismPost – GraduateJanuary
Steel Detailing Technician Certificate (formerly Drafting)Certificate or diploma (with additional specialty)September
Sustainable Fashion ProductionPost – GraduateSeptember
Technical Apparel DesignDiplomaSeptember
Technical CommunicationPost – GraduateSeptember
Technical Production for the Performing Arts IndustryAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Technical Writer (Co-op and Regular Options)Post – GraduateSeptember
Television & Film – BusinessPost – GraduateSeptember
Theatre Arts – PerformanceDiplomaSeptember
Theatre Arts – Technical ProductionDiplomaSeptember
Theatre Arts And PerformanceAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Theatre Arts-Preparation ProgramCertificateSeptember
Theatre(Acting,Production,Design)Bachelor DegreeJanuary, May, September
User Experience (UX) DesignPost – GraduateSeptember
Video Design and Production ProgramDiplomaJanuary, September
Video ProductionDiplomaSeptember
Visual & Creative Arts – Fine ArtsDiplomaSeptember
Visual and Creative ArtsAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Visual and Creative ArtsDiplomaSeptember
Visual and Creative Arts DiplomaDiplomaSeptember
Visual and Digital ArtsDiplomaSeptember
Visual EffectsPost – GraduateSeptember
Visual Effects and Editing for Contemporary MediaPost – GraduateSeptember
Visual Effects for Film and TelevisionCertificateJanuary, September
Visual Effects programPost – GraduateSeptember
Visual Merchandising ArtsDiplomaSeptember
Web Design and DevelopmentCertificateJanuary, September
Web Design and Interactive MediaAdvanced DiplomaSeptember
Web DevelopmentPost – GraduateSeptember